How to Keep Kids from Online Toxicity


August 28, 2020

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The connections enhancement is bringing in superb communication quality. However, at the same time, it is bringing a whole lot of concern for the parents. Parenting is becoming difficult in the present world. Parents have to look into several issues to ensure that their kids are physically and mentally safe. Indeed, it is difficult for every parent. Well, parents never want their kids to be the victim of online toxicity. They do try to keep them away from every dangerous act online. Perhaps that is becoming difficult every other day. The growing number of bullying cases, social victimization, sex prey, and mobbing are creating trouble for the parents round the clock.

Well, some tech developers are following their responsibility to curb online toxicity. Such as an online gaming forum has restricted access for bullies. If they find anyone using slang words, harsh tone, and calling names, they ban that user off. Certainly, this kind of step from a tech company is plausible. Parents even commend their responsive behavior. However, those are only a few who care about others.

Here we have some frightening stats from a business magazine:

  • At average, child molesters victimize 400 kids in their entire life
  • 4 out of 10 teens are bullied online, alone in the US
  • 83% of youth wants social networks to create policies against bullying
  • Kids are not alone in this journey, online toxicity even affects 74% of adults

After seeing this all, a solution becomes necessary for every parent. Kids are more indulged in smartphones and tablets than their parents. Indeed, parents have a hard time tracing how their kid learned slang when no one at the home speaks that word, even the school denies and parents of their friends also swear that their kids do not say anything like that. Then from where did their kid learn a slang word? Of course, the last thing to suspect is the online world.

Ahead of that, online toxicity can lead to a series of consequences that surely trouble the parents. One of the major consequences is the change in behavior. Kids begin to behave harshly and tend to be abusive. 

Keeping Kids from Online Toxicity:

Keeping kids from online toxicity may look difficult, but it easier using OgyMogy. It is a parental control app that brings information on everything their kids do online.

The very first aspect is to identify the source. Without OgyMogy it is indeed difficult to find where their kids go and what they learn from there. At times parents suspect an online venture from where kids have not learned anything bad. They need to be clear, as after finding toxic material they can report the issue.

Pacifying and Curbing:

The parenting experts suggest that the parents should pacify their kids. However, pacifying is not an easy job at all. Parents should first focus on keeping their kids safe. That will certainly lower down the reaction of kids. On the next step, they need to term up their parenting skills to groom their kids.

Parents that have not been using OgyMogy were unable to secure their kids. Ultimately for such parents, it is essential to attempt pacification.

When it comes to curbing, Tracks the online activities of kids with screen recording app. It sees everything they play, they see on the social networks and talk to their friends or anonymous contacts. Using that information the parents can find the source from where their kids are absorbing online toxicity.

Groom Your Kids to Strength:

Every kid has a different strength level. It depends on the environment. Some kids do not have the effect of slang words or harshness. On the other hand, some kids are so sensitive that they cannot bear that kind of behavior. 

OgyMogy raises alarms for the parents. They can take benefit of it and block the content right away to protect their kids. However, if they are late enough, they should report the matter to that site admin and focus on grooming their kids. One of the recommended ways is to make the kids depersonalize the impact of online toxicity. That way they can groom them and increase their strength.

Well, online toxicity may never go away, but parents can tackle it strongly using tools like OgyMogy.

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