Fridge Problems And Trouble Shooting


December 18, 2018

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Common Fridge problems and solutions

If you have gone to a quiz, and get asked the question, “How do you define a fridge?” Your answer will be simple. It is an electronic appliance which you use in the kitchen for keeping the foods fresh and safe. Period. Yes, your answer is correct. But consider the situation if the fridge goes on the repair mode. Then you get reminded of its importance. If the power supply in your street goes for a toss or the appliance fails, then the food you have stored in the fridge is at risk. In this article, we focus on common fridge problems and troubleshooting.

In an urban city, your spouse also goes to work. Now, it is impossible to prepare the food after coming from office (evening). So, the food gets prepared at breakfast time, stored in the fridge and gets heated in the evening on the microwave oven for dinner. Now, just imagine the consequences. If the fridge has gone on repair, then the food has to be thrown in the trash can.

Please note, the four common fridge problems and troubleshooting solutions.

1. The Temperature In The Fridge Is Not Cold

First, check the thermostat. Have its wires go to the frost mode or have become damaged? Then it is time for the replacement.

Another reason could be related to the dirty condenser coils. So, you have to switch off the fridge and clean the coils with a vacuum cleaner. If you have done the second part, and the fridge is not working, there may be many reasons. One is the faulty thermostat which needs a replacement. So, you have to hire the services of a fridge repair expert.

2. Non-Working Ice Maker

The problem may lie with the motor module of the ice maker. Only a technician can check and tell if it is time for a replacement. Also, another problem can be that the inlet valve has become blocked due to debris. Please do not forget to shut down the water supply for the valve. Or else you can end in a flood situation. Now, can you distinguish a water valve among the many fridge parts? If you are a novice, hire a fridge repair expert.

3. The Refrigerator Does Not Work

The main reason is that the electrical control board has got damaged. The reasons could be open circuits, power surges or worn out relays. The entire set may have to get replaced. You may need the services of an electrician to fix the problem.

4. Your Fridge Does Not Dispense Ice Or Water

Kindly check if the filter of the fridge gets replaced as per the instructions of the manufacturer. With time, the water filter can become a storage house for debris and other dirt substances. So, change the filter as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Also, check the valve at the rear of the freezer. Has it become clogged or suffered damage? Then you are left with no option but to replace the part.


Have you read the article? We have focused on very few points. But yes, like every electronic appliance, even the refrigerator needs maintenance. It is advisable to get the appliance properly serviced every six months or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. But how do you hire a fridge repair technician if your appliance has crossed the warranty period? It is easy. Just check if you have companies which offer doorstep repair services by qualified handyman professionals in your city. You can download the app, and book a service at your own convenient time. The fridge repair technician will come at your scheduled time and fix the problem.

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