Soft Skills: What Are They and How to Develop Them


December 19, 2018

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Hard skills are the technical and tangible abilities that individuals can demonstrate via tests and showcasing professional experiences. However, soft skills are something that encircles the category of non-technical and intangible aptitudes. Individuals often find it challenging to develop such skills. That’s why empower camp kolad organise programs that help these people cultivate their soft skills.

Overview of “soft skills”

Also called professional or transferable skills, these soft skills are more in line with general dispositions and personalities that employers seek while interviewing a candidate. Therefore, these specifically relate to intuitions and attitudes making it a personality-driven characteristic.

A list of primary soft skills that all individuals need

It is an extensive list of the soft skills that empower camp kolad tries to nurture among all its participants.

  • Communication

Thinking that communication is about rousing speeches, and hence, not someone’s cup of tea means that the person does not have the right knowledge of this concept. Communications is one of the soft skills that enable a person to adjust his/her tone and speaking style. This varies according to the audience as an able communicator can switch role from communicating messages to comprehending and acting competently on instructions.

Explaining complex subject matters effortlessly to clients and colleagues also fall into this category. One can also say that it is an essential leadership trait, as leaders must communicate messages comprehensibly and clearly.

  • Responsibility

Self-awareness is necessary to improve life both personally and professionally. Thus, responsibility is a soft skill that is highly valued. That’s because people should take responsibilities when they commit a mistake. It also demonstrates that he/she has a sense of humility along with the willingness to acquire new knowledge, which will help them to progress.

  • Problem-solving

It requires analytical, critical, and creative skills. But, it also necessitates a precise mindset for the person facing that problem. Approaching it with a level and cool head enables that person to reach the solution more promptly and efficiently.

However, this skill can tag another significant soft skill that is teamwork. It is not mandatory to solve problems alone. Evaluating people and knowing who can work the best to provide solutions is also essential in professional lives. Therefore, if someone is better at taking care of something and knows how to do it, then giving that person that task is the wisest decision.

  • Self-motivation

Employees must cultivate the nature of maintaining a positive attitude. It is essential to progress in their careers, as no one will provide them with full-time supervision. Thus, the desire of working efficiently by staying motivated is one of the vital soft skills. It demonstrates commitment and reliability that all employers seek from their employees.

Therefore, attending empower camp kolad program can help individuals if they want to develop these skills. These programs provide effective results as:

  • These are customised training approaches specifically designed to help individuals have a more fulfilling life
  • Conducted by professionals who understand the needs of these training are distinct for every individual

Thus, cultivating and nurturing such soft skills along with being physically competent will improve the overall well-being of individuals.

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