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April 13, 2019

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North India’s company KanWhizz is leading to the fastest growing company which has been established as a group of different companies working in various fields, to touch the lives for every common man of India. Kanwhizz has become synonymous to success because Kanhaiya Gulati has proved that dreams are very powerful.

According to Kanhaiya Gulati, chairman of Kanwhizz if you have big dreams& if you have strong faith in your dream, then you can make your dream come true also ready to work hard, any common person make history, Kanwhizz, who started his journey with Direct Sales, is now working in many areas and more than 18 states of India have spread their business ideas.In the coming years, no state will be left where the conveys will not register their presence. Today, Kanwhizz Group – Chairman Kanhaiya Gulati is a successful businessman, whose every goal, every dream and every decision has been taken is strong and dynamic. He is a dynamic leader, visionary, strategic, practical, courteous, honest, disciplined, hardworking and last but not least, Kanhaiya Gulati is a very good person.

History of Chairman Kanhaiya Gulati:
Kanhaiya Gulati’s family is basically related to Bannu district. Bannu district is situated at a distance of 190 km from South Peshawar. In 1947, during the partition, the entire Gulati family moved from Bannu (Pakistan) to Ambala (Punjab, India) and in December 1948, they finally moved to Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.In the month of March 1949, Chairman Kanhaiya Gulati’s grandfather took his first step in business, who later took care of late Chandrasekhar Gulati, father of Kanhaiya Gulati.

Educational Background of Chairman Kanhaiya Gulati: 
Kanhaiya Gulati was born in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, and his primary education was up to fifth standard in Bareilly. Kanhaiya Gulati learned a lot of moral education from his grandparents and parents who show very well in her personality. For higher education, Kanhaiya Gulati went to Nainital in Uttarakhand, where he learned the importance of good education, discipline, humanity, time use and good character.After higher education, Kanhaiya Gulati joined her father in business and shared all business responsibilities very well.

Steps towards business of Chairman Kanhaiya Gulati:
After returning from Nainital, Kanhaiya Gulati joined his father’s business. With the help of his father’s able guidance and self-reliance, intelligence and hard work, Kanhaiya Gulati could bring the business of his parents to the new heights and the horizons of success.Even after the sudden and sad death of his esteemed father in a road accident in April 1998, when the whole family was drowned in pain and sorrow, Kanhaiya Gulati did not give up and fought alone against every unfavorable situation. He again raised his courage and started a new beginning with the blessings of his mother. Very soon, he took the proper order of his business. Every moment, he used to think something that would help in getting a different identity in society.

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