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September 25, 2019

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How Can I Increase My Wordpress Website Speed Faster

If the speed of your website is good, the bounce rate will automatically drop and your site’s click-through rate will increase. Google Crawler easily finds you in SERP. The other advantage is that your services or products are converted. So you automatically save time and benefit.

There are many ways to speed up your WordPress site, but I suggest you increase the quality of a plugin that boosts your WordPress site. To speed up your WordPress website, we should keep a concept. Check this site

This concept, which I personally use on our website and in my office project, guarantees that you are 100% committed to speeding up your website.

Choose a good host:

If you want to speed up your website, invest some money to get some quality hosting, because good hosting will allow you to quickly load the user of your website and not return or leave your site.

Choose a lightweight theme that has a faster load time:

If you want to load quickly, open your website. I’d like to suggest a free premium design that speeds up your website.

Use the cache plugin to remove unwanted malware:

Knowing that some unwanted malware gets into your WordPress program, WordPress helps you scan and repair unwanted malware. As you know, some are good, but some are not worth it. Personally, I used the W3 Lavatorial. You must try to help increase your WordPress site.

Use a content delivery network:

If you know that online marketing or copy bloggers use CDN, this is a content delivery network. You would definitely be surprised that some of the top bloggers or copy bloggers use CDN around the world.

Optimize images that load quickly:

It means that opening our website automatically reduces the size of the images, not the quality called image enhancement.

Delete some WordPress designs that are not used:

At the time of installing some of the unwanted theme that is available for your WordPress files or deleting unused themes. Sometimes it happens that unwanted malware is transmitted through this plugin, which increases your speed.

Update your WordPress plugin:

As you know, WordPress displays a notification. I recommend that you update regularly as it will be updated to the new version to speed up your website. learn more

Database optimization:

By logging in to c-panel or WordPress, you can easily optimize your database. With this database optimization. You can select the table or specify who should appear on your optimized site. Personally, I use this plugin WP Optimize, which can optimize all websites. Check a vulnerability in your database as it helps reduce the speed of the WordPress site.

Do not show hosting the video on your site:

If you want to host videos on your website. This is not good for your website, as I have had bandwidth issues with my website in the past. This is very important if you only have limited hosting.

I personally recommend that you do not host the video on your website. If you want to use the hosting video on your website. I personally use the best fast hosting video website like YouTube. To do this you need to go to the WordPress editor where you can link to this video.

Adaptation of Gravatar images:

You need to focus on customizing gr-avatar images. This will help you to speed up your WordPress website. If you notice that some of the images are not suitable for automatic discussion, the topic will be deleted as it will not make sense for you to delete site. So Gr-avatar image. Read more

Keep follow-up in mind:

Sometimes we write a post and save it as a draft. Do not use more than eight times. It’s slow for your website. I personally use this plugin to restore that. Personally, I have used this because it helps me to save the design and light plugin I used for the various websites. Reduce the speed of your website. Try this plugin.


Your WordPress website is slow. You must try to use this free plugin to speed up your website. You should increase the speed of the website.


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