Improve The Air Quality in Your Home With These Smart Gadgets


November 13, 2018

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With the industrial revolution, we have observed a significant rise in the environmental pollution, especially air pollution. The level of pollution in the atmosphere is increasing by the day due to human activities.

Technology also plays a significant role in the rise of environmental pollution. And this is more complex than just cans and plastic bottles. The rise of air pollution has been clearly visible with the number of motor vehicles increasing around us. So much so that it this air pollution has also reached inside our homes and is reducing the indoor air quality in our homes, offices, and building.

With the increasing indoor and outdoor air pollution, there have been various health impacts observed amongst people. For the same reason, new inventions lead to the development of gadgets that are working towards reducing the overall level of pollution around us. These gadgets are more focused on improving the indoor air quality since we spend most of our time indoors and are more affected by indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution. Development of gadgets like air purifiers and air monitors has significantly contributed towards the improvement of indoor air quality.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are devices built to purify the air in a room or a building. Air purifiers have built-in filters that filter out the air pollutants as the air passes through them. Air purifiers are one of the most effective ways of reducing the indoor air pollution and improving the indoor air quality. They make the air around us breathable and free from the harmful pollutants that have a significant impact on our health.

Natural air purifiers

Some household products work as natural air purifiers and adding them to your home will purify your indoor air to some extent. For example, houseplant is known to produce fresh air and improve the indoor air quality. In the same way, beeswax candles and salt lamps also purify the air when lit.

Air monitors

Air monitors are essential if you want to improve your indoor air quality. Air monitors are an effective way of measuring the level of pollution indoors. Air monitors are also far more accurate than air purifiers. Some smart quality air monitors from brands like Kaiterra, Airveda, can also identify pollutants as small as PM2.5 (if you are someone who is unaware of the pollutant PM2.5, it is not only the most harmful air pollutant but also ⅕ of the size of a regular hair strand.)

Smart air monitors can also identify the level of humidity which further helps in maintaining the ideal level.

Mobile applications for indoor air quality

It might not always be practical or possible for you to carry an air monitor or purifier around. Which is why the mobile application have been developed so that you can always be aware of the air you are breathing and the environment you are in. Applications have been developed that let you know the AQI or air quality index of a room or place you are in. It helps you in understanding if there are any health problems associated with breathing the air in a specific area.

Mobile applications have also proven to spread awareness about outdoor as well as indoor air quality and its health hazards.

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