How to Promote Independence in the Elderly


October 1, 2020

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Promote Independence

No matter our age, independence is one thing that we all strive for and want to exercise/enjoy till our very last breath.                                       

Everyone wants to provide the best quality of life to their elders. For ensuring the same, one has to strike a balance between making sure that the needs of their elderly are met and at the same time encouraging them to exercise independence where needed.

In fact, if one notices, independence becomes more important to elders. Why? Because independence is that factor which elders feel always remain under their control and maintaining the same gives them a sense of achievement. It definitely promotes self-worth and well-being among the elderly.

So, it is always advisable to promote independence in the elderly. But with such thoughts, one also faces many questions such as, how to promote independence in the elderly? How to make elders feel independent? What to do to make our elders experience independence?

Below are a few tips to promote independence in the elderly:

Let them assist you in house chores:

Most of the elders are active enough to lend a helping hand with daily and house chores. Never say no to their help. If they are offering to help, accept it happily. It gives them a sense of independence and makes them feel worthy. Small tasks such as folding laundry, helping with meals, light cleaning etc. really helps in adding to their confidence.

Encourage them to indulge in physical activity:

With age, remaining fit and healthy becomes more important and difficult to maintain. Encourage your elders to follow a light physical activity routine in order to ensure their fitness.

Try to make the home elder-friendly

Slips and falls are a major reason for common injuries that elder get. Having assistive devices at home acts as a major support system for elders. Put in more rugs and carpets in most used areas to avoid tripping. Removing stairs and instead fitting ramps wherever possible helps the seniors to move around easily. Grab bars in the washroom is another device which helps the elderly. Chairs should be such from which they can easily get up. Easily operable level-style handles in place of doorknobs helps elders in getting a good grip.

Enabling them to live independently at home:

While decisions such as where they live, how to spend their money, what to eat can go a long way in giving them that sense of independence, let’s not forget that they are old and they would need extra support. 

While you are away from your elders and they live all by themselves, then you can look at the option of home care services. Also, it is important to note here that elders feel the most independent when they are able to age and stay in their homes. To ensure the same, all you need to do is look for home care services which provide extra support to the elderly while allowing them to continue to live in the most comfortable place i.e. their home.

If you have an elder who is bedridden and needs medical care, then home nursing care is the best option to look at. Not only does a carer provide the requisite medical support to the elder but also enables them to exercise their independence. Performing simple things such as playing games to having meals together to simply engaging in lively conversations with them, a carer does help an elder to feel that sense of independence.

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