How Customer Experience Has Changed In The Past Twenty Years


February 25, 2019

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The title – How customer experience has changed in the past ten years – has been discussed enough on the internet. You can find lots of articles on this title, but here we have gone through many articles and given the best of information. So, here we go.

Yes, the change has occurred. Shall we just look at the customer experience two decades ago? At that time, let us assume you were a customer. You had to look at the news, advertisements on television or hear on radio channels. That was the time, your ancestors stayed loyal to their preferred branded clothes. The reason, they did not have time to look at the new clothes, items as the process consumed more time.

Recent Changes in Customer Services

Now, the changes have occurred in the way customers think, research as well do transactions. Armed with just a mobile, they can go into any website, pay the bills, buy clothes and do many more actions. If they feel that a particular website does not cater to their demands, the option is always there to switch to other businesses.

Customer Services in Multi-channels

Two decades ago, when you want to buy cloth, there was no option but to go to the brick and mortar store. But now you have multiple channels to check any product. Mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer and also a tablet. And every customer wants the website of a company they access to be mobile responsive.

Also, both the customers and companies have benefitted from social media. Companies use social media for promotion of their products. The customers use the same platforms to voice their opinions and preferences. Yes, if they want to complain, the war of words can start with Twitter. A complaint done on Facebook and Twitter can lead to customers trolling a specific brand. So, the companies also are in dire need to give the best product to customers. This is one change which have happened in customer services in the past twenty years.

More Emphasis on Customer Experience

Three decades ago, there were few brands and more loyal customers. But with the entrepreneurship bug biting many youngsters, the war has begun in which the reputed brands have to strive to their best to sell their brands. You, as the customer have become the king. The transition has occurred in the way a customer buys a product or opts for service. You have started relying on getting the best experience rather than on cost or brand reputation. So, companies are falling in line to provide the best experience to their customers.

In recent times, customers are interested in maintaining an emotional connection with a product or service. The companies also fulfil their expectations in giving loyal customers discounts or cash back offers. So, the benefit has also happened to the company employees. Unless they are satisfied, customer satisfaction is impossible. A customer care executive is representative of the company. Unless he/she is satisfied with the salary or environment, they cannot give the best service to the customer.

In all, companies have understood that retaining a customer is better than gaining four new customers. So, they have opted to give the best services or products to existing customers. This is another aspect where the customer services have changes since twenty years.

Let us assume a situation. You reside in Mumbai. You work in a home improvement company which provides the best pest control service in Mumbai. Since you always shop online, you have bought a dress from a reputed e-commerce website. Now the dress is damaged, and you want to return it. The company without any restrictions have arranged for the replacement of dress. This is how customer services have changed in the past decade.


Let us sum up this article, shall we? Two decades ago, as a customer, you did not get the best options when it came to voicing your displeasure regarding products and services. When you had to return the product because of problems, there were many situations which lead to heated arguments between you and the shop owner.

Now, a reputed business can never think of dissatisfying a customer. In fact, the entire process of businesses has changed to customer-centric models. Before buying a product or service, you as a customer tend to depend on reviews and feedbacks. So, a company will always think of keeping its online credentials clean. On the other hand, if a customer appreciates or praises a product, then it will act as the best form of advertisement for the company products.

So, the concluding part is that the digitization of companies has ended only with positive points for the customers. May the same continue forever!

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