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April 9, 2019

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Social Media

The world of social media comes with a lot of excess baggage for individuals as well as companies. For individuals like you and me, it is the privacy on which we have to compromise as there are sorts of factors that we have to consider. Sometimes it results in a severe breach of our personal information too which can trouble us not just emotionally but also financially. For companies, it is all about making a mark in the business world and if they don’t know how to do this, they have to do this by taking the help of a company expert in this domain.

On social media platforms and apps, one thing that is more prominent from the design and layout, unlike websites, is the content strategy and how companies need to make sure they are in constant touch with their current and potential customers. So, what really works here and what doesn’t? In this blog, I will try to offer 3 great tips here where as a company you can really score big.

1. Communication Strategy when Launching a New Product or Service

This is perhaps the most important way in which you can get potential customers in hordes and retain the current customers too. Announcing your new product on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is not difficult. Anyone can create a page and announce in one or two lines we are launching this product, please buy it from us. Simple, isn’t it? This is as amateurish as it can be as you need to think out of box to come up with a strategy to make an instant impact.

Right from making a strategy about the launch date and exactly how to do it, this is one process that can make a break your campaign. You need to use the power of words to make an instant connection with your target market. Don’t promise or commit anything you can’t offer to them in real. If you find this difficult, there is always the option of contacting a social media agency having the expertise in this field so that you can launch a product on which you have invested so much time, money and effort.

2. Communicate Well when Announcing an Update through Email

This is one way where not many companies venture especially small businesses and startups but the results in this concern can be really heartening. If you are of the opinion that not many people read email nowadays, think again. There are a number of reasons why from people working 9-5 job to top executives check their emails multiple times a day. And those working in the customer support department do it dozens of times every day. So, you need to have a great email strategy to target millions of workforce’s not just in Canada but where your target market lives around the world.

Strategy for email marketing need to be really detailed. And you can send email in the form of newsletter or an announcement right in the inbox of Facebook users. There are many ways in which these emails can increase the chances of your success to a great level.

3. Communicating Aptly in Case of a Disaster or Mishap

An accident or mishap can happen, like a server shutdown or when your shipment delays because of inclement weather. This is companies need to tell their customers exactly what happened and when things will be normalized. While in some cases, it can be difficult to predict exactly when your servers will be online as you can’t commit a promise without being cent percent sure. But you need to act as no communication here can be disastrous for you in the future.

You need to be apologetic in your behavior but paint a positive picture of the scenario to make it look like the worst is over. These are just some of the factors through which you can easily gain new customers while retaining current ones. A company that you can hire to make your work easy in this concern need to be aware of latest seo trends 2019 for making a clear strategy.

Final Word

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