Captivating Custom Eyelash Box Packaging for Featuring your Newest Collection


August 28, 2020

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Eyelash Box Packaging

Without rolling out a smart and effective product promotion campaign, you can’t expect to hit your sales goals. For beauty products’ manufacturers, piquing the interest of customers in the cosmetics and grooming goods requires more than just marketing. The first thing a shopper observes is the packaging of an item. Bland and boring boxes would have that repelling effect making an offering quite easy to ignore. If you are about to introduce your new eyelash extensions range come up with a gripping packaging idea. The boxes have to be interactive and inviting to make the potential buyers feel excited to explore the items. 

Unique eyelash box packaging would make your brand memorable for the consumers. They will be keen to know more about your products so don’t throw away the opportunity to woo them. Engrossing boxes showcasing the various eyelashes in the collection would make them instantly noticed. Intriguing personalized packaging would earn you an edge over your competitors. You need to have a knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled printing solutions provider by your side to get the boxes custom made your way. Making a hasty or wrong choice for the printer can have serious consequences so be very meticulous about it. 

You should look out for vendor options locally and online, compare their service time, standards, and pricing. Prefer a packaging manufacturer that listens to your requirements attentively and provides you detailed assistance and suggestions. 

Tips below will help you with making your boxes for eyelashes enthralling!

Perks of Using Window Packaging 

Boxes with windows would not only add appeal to the packaged products but they also make them easy to view for the prospective consumers. The variety of false eyelashes would be visible through the packaging that is likely to expedite the purchase process. You can use a striking customization combo from options like embossing, raised ink, UV coating, foil stamping, and glossy/matte lamination. If you feel confused, seek support and advice from the printer. 

Descriptive Custom Eyelash Boxes 

Use the packaging for creating value for the beauty items you are selling. Enlighten the potential buyers about the kind of components that are used in the manufacture of lashes. The extra thickness lashes should have this feature highlighted in the boxes. Make the most of packaging for demonstrating your business’ authority and credibility. The content on boxes shouldn’t be about praising yourself a bit too much, it needs to be informative and convincing.  

Celeb or Influencers’ Endorsed Packaging 

Do you have a popular celeb or beauty blogger as your brand ambassador? Use custom eyelash packaging boxes with their testimonials. This will make the customers feel inclined into giving the items a must-try. Packaging should have allergy cautions and other important info available for consumer assistance. 

The boxes should have an easy to handle style so that users don’t have to worry about storing the lashes back. Packaging should be resistant to shock, moisture, and other factors that can fiddle with the shelf life of the items. You can have the boxes printed with a die-cut layout but discuss its pros and cons with the printer before ordering in bulk.

The Legacy Printing gives you the leverage to get your custom boxes printed according to your liking at your preferred timeline. Placing an order requires filling in some fields through a website form, you can send an email or call for instant support. 

Packaging should be paired with a retail bag that has the same pleasing artwork.

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