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October 15, 2019

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Take a break and see the world around you. Isn’t their screen everywhere? And that is why the need for blue light glasses is gaining momentum,  for a healthy you. Thinking why? So we all know we are in the modern world where our eyes do more of the work as there is so much of technology everywhere. Be it your new movies fever, watching series and completing the whole season in a night, the FIFA game fever or the hectic daily night shifts, so much work on computer and laptops. It drains a lot of you and your eyes. At all these times you are bombarded with high-intensity blue light.

Problems due to blue light that blue light glasses can solve

Eye Fatigue:  In our busy life moving at a fast pace, we generally ignore symptoms of being unhealthy until and unless it is a very big problem. Similarly, there might be many who in a chronic or sporadic manner are going through a feeling of eye fatigue or headaches. These symptoms are common by the people working or paying attention to the big or small screens for longer durations of time. Spending extended time in front of the computers also brings blurred visions or blank spots. The occurrence of the same in the initial phase is less but prolonged exposure to high energy blue light brings a cumulative damaging effect.

Sleep disruption: Often people who spend a lot of time in front of computers complain of sleepless times. The problem behind the sleep disruption is an abnormal circadian rhythm. Overexposure to the blue light decreases the melatonin level in the body. Our brain relies on the melatonin secretion. It is a natural chemical that our body produces to initiate sleep and promote it too during sleep hours. 

Dizzy all day: While there is less of sleep during the night time. Often people experience sluggish and tired all day. So what is the solution to have healthy well-being and to take good care of eyes?

Wear blue light glasses and stay safe from the hazardous blue light

A pair of blue light blocking glasses has many safety measures. Nobody will say that the blue light is totally harmful. As during the day time to keep you proactive blue light coming from the sun is required. But the same light when consumed during the night is quite harmful. It harms your eyes by making them feel dry, getting them strained which further yields blackouts and larger cumulative effects. Also on the body by affecting the sleep cycle and production of hormones like Melatonin.

So your glasses having anti-blue light coatings are helpful by saving your eyes from the danger. The glasses coming with a blue light filter are helpful as they block the harmful blue rays.

Why blue light glasses? 

The blue light blocking glasses have a coating on the lenses. And these glasses are helpful in giving you healthy eyes in many ways. By wearing these glasses you won’t experience eye fatigue, there will no eye strains due to watching screens for a long period of time. Also, you will get a proper sleep cycle as the level of Melatonin in the body will be up to the mark.  


A pair of Anti-blue glasses are helpful in many ways. And one of the greatest advantages is that you are never going to fashion. Yes, it is just a coating that can be applied on any lens to make them Anti-blue.  

Buy blue light filter glasses to say goodbye to the headaches, eye strains and also keep your eyes safe from the bad that blue light brings with it.

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