5 Steps for Devising a Perfect Marketing Strategy


September 7, 2020

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Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy is pillared on 5 robust marketing strategies to fulfill the core purpose of a marketing strategy.

Define Target Personas

Targeted persona is way too effective to be determined effectively. What is the targeted persona in the first place? Let’s elaborate on it with a case study. For instance, what is the Targeted Persona for an Eyeweb Safety product? Athletes are targeted persona, they need safety from eye injuries. People with eyesight problems are targeted persona, they need good prescription glasses. The fashion industry is a targeted persona. It needs aesthetically-enriched fashion safety glasses. Got it? That’s the targeted persona and how it works. You need to find targeted persona based upon your own services and product. Define the targeted persona and devise the marketing strategy accordingly.

Document Business Goals

Are you establishing and developing your business without a goal? Not at all. Every business has some goals in the first place. Don’t just devise them, rather write them down. Yes, document your business goals more like a targeted database. So that you can track the success and failure of these business goals very efficiently. Why documenting goals is so important for a business? Documenting business goals gives a clear direction and vision to the business.

Develop a SWOT.

Most of the business, when analyzed, reveals that they didn’t establish a SWOT to determine prospects and risks. Focusing only on the prospects isn’t enough for a successful business model. Focusing on the threats is also a necessary parameter to assess the suitability of the Business Model. Establish a SWOT Strategy for your business in the first place. What is SWOT by the way? Well, SWAT is a strategy-building variable in the business spheres.

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  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Unnecessarily, a business cannot have strengths always. It cannot have the weaknesses always. A balanced business model has both paradigms; success and failure. When you are establishing SWOT Strategy, you are balancing the business model by focusing on its strengths as well as its weaknesses. The countdown of the opportunities is also part of this SWOT Strategy. Opportunities are inevitable for the diversification of a business. Opportunities are inevitable for the expansion of services. These opportunities are necessary for devising the pros of the business model. On the other hand, Threats are the real aspect to be focused on. 

Develop Marketing Goals.

Every business has some goals. Financial goals. Resource management goals. Diversification goals. Expansion goals. And various other goals. Have you set the goals of your business? Why is setting the goals so necessary for business strategy? Setting a business goal helps in tacking the success as well as the failure of the business strategy and business model. Let’s devised the financial goals of your business. Did your business make more finance than the previous month? Or did it lose the capital in the previous month?

Targeted Prospect Database.

Have you developed a targeted Database for your products as well as services? If no, build one right away. Develop a targeted database for your product. What use can a targeted database be off? Well, if you have established a targeted database, you are measure and track the audience’s interests in the services. If they are showing interest, you can exactly maintain that in which areas of your service they are showing up the interest. If they aren’t showing up the results on the contrary. You can also pinpoint the areas that are down falling in your business. When would this targeted database be useful for you?

Well, every business model needs improvisation for better results. Every business model needs a timely evaluation of strategies. If you have maintained the database, you can easily pinpoint which areas of your services need the improvisation and evaluation. At the same time, a targeted database can also be useful for the Diversification of products and services. Because you already know which service has more prospects and which doesn’t have any. Let’s say you are up for diversification of your Corporate Safety Program, can you diversify all the items of the program at a time? No. you would diversify the items that showed a positive hike. And that hike in a database is way too easier to pinpoint.

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